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03 Mar Agile Marketing – Why it works and how to make it work

agile_balanceWhy agile marketing works and how to make it work for you!  It´s an act of balance.

As Marketer you are always in a battle between what to do next and what to do right now, there is always something new to act on and understand in the evolution of marketing,  I guess that is never gonna change.

You might have the perfect strategy and even the best plan ever, but there is always new "stuff" creeping up on you challenging your priorities, that is for sure stressful and we need to find a way forward to take away a lot of insecurity and frustration. Not knowing if you´re adding value to your business right now and tomorrow. We all go there from time to time and I have over the years tried a lot of different approaches to keep me on track and reduce the stress. I have figured out a model that keeps me on track for now and keeps me away from the "bling-bling" of the future. 

As a Marketer your definitive goal is to put in as much time and effort that is needed to add value to your companies business needs as they are today. At the same time your job is to create ideas to grow your business over time, it is an act of balance. Being committed to adding value in short- and long term demands a lot of hard work and ability to understand your market and your audience. Not a job for everyone...

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13 Sep Is Marketing Strategy really like Warfare?


 Marketing is often compared to Warfare - is that really what it is all about?

Of course not! Why is it then often described like that? There has been a lot of books written on the theme and we can still, quite often read articles and blog posts that more or less has that as a starting point. The underlying tone is from time to time how Marketers can “trick” customers to buy and how strategies against competitors should be done in this “marketing warfare”. That is just so wrong. People are so much smarter than that.

Warfare - it is an obsolete way to think about what marketing is. It´s not a war where lies and betrays are a tactics and attacking competitors is a strategy, if Marketers hold on too tight to this metaphor things will go wrong. It always do on a battlefield.

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