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19 May 10 commandments of the modern B2B Marketer

The modern MarketerThere is no doubt Marketing has totally changed from finding suitable adjectives for your services or products and loudly shout it out to something we used to call target groups. For Modern B2B Marketing it´s all about creating value for your customers by providing your expertise to solve your customers real challenges to build trust that ends up gaining new business.

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04 Dec Exactly what is Marketing Automation all about?

I’m sure that you have heard about it before. An Industry is booming and there are a lot of “buzz” going on about two magic words; Marketing Automation. It is certainly all about Marketing and you should be thankful for that, because that´s what marketers do, create outstanding ideas that make our businesses grow. But what has happened is that modern technology has made it possible to do your marketing even better.

The word automation explains a huge part of what it can do for you, but there’s much more than that...

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