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22 Nov The ever ongoing Marketing evolution – How to become a Modern B2B Marketer

Last week we at Leadsius did our second Google Hangout session. It is far from perfect, but we do as we preach - testing out how we can interact with our audience in the best way and we are certainly learning by doing! And our intentions is good, we really want to reach out to the B2B Marketing community and share what we are constantly learning in our work to provide all of you with a high quality Marketing Automation solution that fits SMB companies perfect, is affordable and scalable. We have been superheroin beta mode for one year and are right now preparing ourselves and our platform for a "relaunch" later this year. The lessons we learned from all our users and the ideas and feedback we have got has been so valuable for us. Thanks a lot! 

If you want to check out our Hangout, please do and patient with some "issues" with both language and some technical problems. My colleague Lennart Svanberg (LS) is interviewing me on the topic - The future of Modern B2B Marketing, the interview starts 9.03 minutes into the Hangout if you want to jump to it right away. Watch our Hangout here!  This topic is huge and I would love to hear your own thoughts about  how to succeed as a Modern B2B Marketer today. Read the interview...

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05 Sep Manifesto – say What?

manifestoManifesto, that’s what we shall write, said my marketing friend and looked at me with his most visionary look. Manifesto, that’s the thing! Okey, I said, let’s do that, let’s write a Manifesto. What’s that? My marketing friend stared at me, you're getting old man. You know, a Manifesto is key if you want to tell your audience why they even should consider buy anything from you! Audience? Audience, I mumbled, what about customers? Are they also getting old?

After hours talking about how to do Marketing like a Rockstar, values and reason to be, I felt a little bit more comfortable with the task. So we dug into it with great enthusiasm and the result is right here on our site. It’s about us and what we want to achieve, whom we doing it for and why.

This is why it matters for you too...

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19 Apr Real Time Marketing – Shorten your sales cycle


By doing Real Time Marketing the sales cycles of Business-to-Business products can be shortened. Real Time Marketing is about to market to your audience at the exact right timing for them. 

As long as your audience is not bigger than you can remember them in your head its pretty easy to understand the process of sending your leads the right message at the right time. The challenge becomes when you've got to set this in a process to stimulate hundreds if not thousand's of leads.

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29 Nov Want to succeed with Content Marketing – Think and act like a rock band

Content Marketing is all about attracting an audience- What if you started to see your company as a rock band? And if you did, how would your marketing look like? Imagine your customers as your audience is how you get started with your Content Marketing. 

I like marketing that gets into my nerves. Touches my feelings. And most importantly, talks to my heart and brain that if I choose this brand I’m the smartest person alive as it fits my life. 

I think you all agree that marketing has a tendency to be boring, too pushy and not too fun. I also guess you have read articles and blog posts of how the role of marketers are changing. The marketers are becoming publisher of content instead of ad producers. What does this mean for everyone trying to get attention from prospects? The answer is; think and act like your favorite rock band!

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