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19 Apr Real Time Marketing – Shorten your sales cycle


By doing Real Time Marketing the sales cycles of Business-to-Business products can be shortened. Real Time Marketing is about to market to your audience at the exact right timing for them. 

As long as your audience is not bigger than you can remember them in your head its pretty easy to understand the process of sending your leads the right message at the right time. The challenge becomes when you've got to set this in a process to stimulate hundreds if not thousand's of leads.

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21 Nov Micro Marketing – Marketing on customers demand

Watch your customers
Are you watching your customers?

Its time to step down from the ladders of branding. Its time to meet your customers where they are, in the position they're at and at the situation they're facing. Its time to do Micro Marketing.

Micro Marketing is mega important for everyone. When your customers are ready to interact you better be ready to start building a relation. Agreed?

Micro Marketing is something every shop assistant do every day. Are shop assistants sales people or marketing people? Read on to understand the concept of Micro Marketing!  

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