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22 Nov Marketing needs to be rebuilt and reorganized – Now


Your customers buying process has changed. Have you changed how your team works with marketing? Does your team have the skill set the customers now demand?

How do you put together a marketing team that improves customer value as well as constantly improves a marketing process that can be evaluated in real time?

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21 Nov Micro Marketing – Marketing on customers demand

Watch your customers
Are you watching your customers?

Its time to step down from the ladders of branding. Its time to meet your customers where they are, in the position they're at and at the situation they're facing. Its time to do Micro Marketing.

Micro Marketing is mega important for everyone. When your customers are ready to interact you better be ready to start building a relation. Agreed?

Micro Marketing is something every shop assistant do every day. Are shop assistants sales people or marketing people? Read on to understand the concept of Micro Marketing!  

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