The ever ongoing Marketing evolution – How to become a Modern B2B Marketer

22 Nov The ever ongoing Marketing evolution – How to become a Modern B2B Marketer

Last week we at Leadsius did our second Google Hangout session. It is far from perfect, but we do as we preach – testing out how we can interact with our audience in the best way and we are certainly learning by doing! And our intentions is good, we really want to reach out to the B2B Marketing community and share what we are constantly learning in our work to provide all of you with a high quality Marketing Automation solution that fits SMB companies perfect, is affordable and scalable. We have been superheroin beta mode for one year and are right now preparing ourselves and our platform for a “relaunch” later this year. The lessons we learned from all our users and the ideas and feedback we have got has been so valuable for us. Thanks a lot! 

If you want to check out our Hangout, please do and patient with some “issues” with both language and some technical problems. My colleague Lennart Svanberg (LS) is interviewing me on the topic – The future of Modern B2B Marketing, the interview starts 9.03 minutes into the Hangout if you want to jump to it right away. Watch our Hangout here!  This topic is huge and I would love to hear your own thoughts about  how to succeed as a Modern B2B Marketer today. Read the interview…

(LS) Internet has shifted the power of knowledge from brands/companies to buyers, what does that mean for Marketers? 

Indeed. You have to realize that the power of knowledge is no longer in the hands of your company, thanks to Internet the customer is in charge and you have to follow them there and provide them with knowledge. You are not in charge of anything anymore, not even your brand. It´s the perception of your “marketing voice” who counts and that is the only thing you can do. And by listening and interact your communication and your offering will become relevant.  

(LS) People are tired of “screaming-ads”, it just don´t work anymore!  Should we not sell anymore?

The old school Marketing is dead since a long time. Dressing up your products with good looking ad messages doesn´t work,no one believes in it and people do avoid that kind of marketing.  It´s not about you, it´s about making your customers to become heroes. Help them overcome their challenges and show your true engagement is the only way to build a trustful relationship. And that is what Marketing is all about.  No one want to be sold at, but everyone needs a helping hand. 

(LS) Marketing is not campaigns, Marketing is all about creating relationships – Why, we’ve used to do campaigns – should we stop doing that?

Back in the days we did Campaigns and that was fine then. Marketing today is more like a ongoing commitment to make a difference, not doing nice looking ads, sit back and hope for some kind of measurable metrics. Marketing is about building trustful relationships and that can only be done by trust and true engagement. And that is done by listening to your audience, understand their challenges and address your knowledge to help them success. 

(LS) In the past, marketing supported sales. Now we support customers desire. – This sounds really good, explain more please!

Interaction and creating value for your customers by helping them grow their businesses is the only way forward. Marketing people has a much more important role then they think they have, to attract an audience, to entertain and educate your customers and prospects is the only way to make people want to buy your solutions or products. Your marketing should still support sales by providing them qualified leads to do business with, but supporting sales with campaigns that are product oriented is the wrong way to do it. 

(LS)Lean and Agile. Gone is the one big strategy plan and marketing planning. – Should we stop planning?

Yes. We should stop doing this one big plan where we predict the future. Stop that, and if you have done it all ready, don´t follow it!
Things are changing so quickly, customers demands and expectations are constantly shifting and therefore you need to be able to correct and adapt fast. I recommend a Roadmap, a Manifesto and a “learning by doing” attitude instead. Many plans do never come real cause you´re planning it for too long. Meanwhile your competitors are out there doing stuff, learning and interacting with your market. You don´t want to give them that advantage.
All your efforts comes down to one thing – when your audience reaches out for help, you have to be there and show them that you are for real. Do it now – sometime later easily becomes never! 

(LS)You are a publisher and you make content. – Should we all become publishers?

At least we should see our selves as publishers. Or Content providers on a mission to make a difference for our customers and our audiences. So, yes. Marketing today is to create relevant and attractive content aimed to solve “problems” and gain trust and start interacting. Marketing is more than ever about creating great ideas that “people” want to buy into with the most precious thing we got – TIME. Don´t think that any new technology or social platform ever will create customers for you. That´s your most important job to do. Create outstanding ideas.      

What is your thoughts about it? I am right or have I missed out on something really important. Tell me.