Leadsius Marketing Automation for WordPress PLugin

09 Jun The Leadsius for WordPress Plugin has arrived!

Woop-Woop for WordPress! It’s officially time to announce the release our brand new plugin.

From here on out, people with Premium Leadsius accounts will be able to seamlessly integrate their WordPress websites with their Leadsius marketing automation account in just a matter of a few clicks; easy-peasy.


Marketing Automation Plugin for WordPress


With well over 74 million websites depending on WordPress, we couldn’t think of a better platform to integrate Leadsius with to continue our pursuit of helping SMBs dive head-first into the world of marketing automation.

With this nifty little plugin that you can download directly from within WordPress, you’ll be able to significantly reduce your time-to-market when it comes to getting your business going with marketing automation and making adjustments and additions “on the fly” moving forward. So whether you host your business’ website on WordPress, a blog or both; this plug-in is for you!


Getting Started with Leadsius for WordPress


When we say “plug & play,” we really mean it.

Once you’ve registered for a premium Leadsius account and installed the plugin for your WordPress account, you’ll notice “Leadsius” in the left-hand menu; click on it and head to “settings” where we’ll ask you to copy/paste two tokens that sync everything together (you grab these tokens from your Leadsius account). After this you’re good to go.


Automatic web tracking across all pages and posts


Another great advantage of utilizing our WordPress plugin is that your Leadsius web tracking script will automatically be running across every page or post that you generate within WordPress (old and new).

This means that you get to know what your leads are doing across your entire website without having to make sure you manually add the tracking script to each newly (or previously) created page or post.


CTA’s that demand attention


Using the Leadsius for WordPress plugin gives you the freedom to enhance the design and effectiveness of your call-to-action widgets by allowing you to utilize captivating titles, bold button color & text as well as custom imagery for added incentive.. You’re in complete control of where these CTA’s appear across your website and where these CTA’s will drive people to – usually a landing page with a web form to convert.

Dig custom CSS & JavaScript? For you code-savvy designers out there, manipulating your CTA widgets is no problem at all when using this plugin.

Below you will see a screenshot from our fictitious demo website that showcases a very simplistic example of how your CTA widgets could appear (see the two on the bottom row). These CTA widgets drive interest to other pages that feature our web form widgets to convert leads further down the marketing or sales funnel; this, in essence, is how you optimize your website to lead increase conversion rates and drive-in more business!


Leadsius for WordPress CTA Widgets


Web Forms that capture interest

Create a web form in Leadsius, create a web form widget in WordPress, drag & drop it where you’d like it to be featured and define the page/s to showcase it on; after that, rest assured that the two are synched and working for you 24/7.

The great thing about this process is that whenever you have a new offer or reason to capture interest, it’s intuitive and takes just a matter of minutes to have your newly created Leadsius web form live and running on your website.  As with creating both short codes and widgets, you can always drop your custom CSS or Javascript code to really dig into the nitty-gritty of the design.

Here’s an example from our fictitious website that showcases how a web form widget could look on your website:


Leadsius WordPress Plugin Web Form Widget

Activate your Leadsius WordPress Plugin

To activate your WordPress Plugin, click here!

If you wish to do this manually via FTP, you’ll need this zip file before installation.


Download the Leadsius for WordPress user guide