The worlds first free Marketing Automation platform

21 Nov The worlds first free Marketing Automation platform

Leadsius releases the worlds first free Marketing Automation platform in December 2012. Leadsius platform gives Marketers all around the world the power to perform – for free. The platform includes all the features that is needed to get started and has no hidden fees or other limits. 

The universe of digital marketing has rapidly changed from pushing campaigns in front of prospects eyes, towards Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing and as a result of that relevance is a key issue. For Marketers this is a huge possibility to gain more attraction and better results out of there marketing efforts, if they can change their mindset and look upon them self as “publishers” and start using modern technology. 

- “We wanted to make difference for Marketers and they are not out there looking for systems to make their marketing results grow. It comes clear that they are looking for smart solutions and services to improve their work. That was what made us think about how we could build a platform and a business model that attracts them. And this is it! An easy, flexible and powerful service that gives Marketers the solution they need to take back their position as growth builders. A position that many seems to have lost”, says Markus Lundin, CEO and Founder of Leadsius. 

Leadsius provides a easy to use and totally free platform for Marketing Automation. Over time, when needed Marketers easily adds more functionality to the solution when they want to. Instead of trying to get every Marketer to bye in to one system that costs a lot of money and time to learn, we give away our platform and provides the customers possibilities to add on more functionality over time and pay only for that. 


Please get in contact with CEO, Markus Lundin if you have any questions.