Want to see your B2B Marketing Skyrocket? Stop planning and get into Action.

11 Apr Want to see your B2B Marketing Skyrocket? Stop planning and get into Action.

countdownSee the world through the eyes of your customer!

Marketing planning includes a lot of guessing. No matter how much data you have gathered, no matter how much knowledge you have about your market, you are in the game of assumptions laying out your puzzle called - marketing planning. Having a solid strategy to lean on is crucial, to set up a marketing plan supporting it is as important – if it´s built on knowledge about your audience and their goals. If not, it`s wasted.

 Stop guessing! It might be funny and it might look fabulous on the whiteboard, but the reality is likely not even near your whiteboard drawings. For every single assumption, you risk to get further away from ideas that might work out as good as you want too. Sorry to say, but the “big plan” will not do the job, but your audience might do it for you – if you understand them and give them something they want. That is the key, they can make you rise and shine or let you fade away forever…

It all comes down to how well you know your customers and their objectives. Not only who they are. See the world through their eyes and things will look different from what you are used too. I bet you spending more time looking upon your competitors websites than you are spending time trying to understand your ideal customers challenges. Am I right? I know for sure I am doing that mistake every now and then.

This means you have to be in the reality they are in. You also need to start seeing your marketing work as an ongoing process (Read more about Agile Marketing) instead of a plan of well defined activities, waiting to be signed off. Instead, concentrate on your “story”, who you are and what you want to bring into the reality of your audience. If you have nothing to tell, no one will listen. And do remember, your audience is always top priority. They are the ones deciding if you are going to succeed or not.

Is there another way to do it – yes I think there is! This 6 steps will stop you from guessing and instead provide you with the knowledge you need to succeed as a marketer.

  1. See your business through the eyes of your supposed customer, it might be harder than you think? The ideal customers might be missing on your radar while you are concentrating on the elite of persons and brands within your industry. Have a look upon your brand from the point of your supposed customers. By doing that you will find out a lot of truths about changes you might need to do, your “language” might need adjustments, your site might need to look different? Your tonality could be too uptight or the other way around.

  1. Get out there! Find those people, get to know them and build relations to them. Be the one who listen to what your customers need are, not only what they say. Go beyond that and build relations that brings you close into what their pains are and how you be the one fixing it.

  1. There are two kind of pains you have to understand with customers – personal and business pains and they are just as important. Decide on which one of these pains you address your efforts on. Your actions and your communication has to concentrate on either the individual and her ability to succeed with your assistance or you have to address to business overall approach. Both could be as successful.

  1. Forget the masses, you are not for “everyone” and you’re probably not supposed to be either. Target the ones who cares, the ones that are out there working hard to make changes and those who want to make a difference.

  1. Your marketing will never be better than your product/service! It has always been like that, but now it is even more evident than ever before. Marketing cannot cover up for a bad product, so you have to be a part of  the business development. You are the customer voice, you are the one knowing how to take away the pains and set a smile in the faces of your customers. Make sure you are in the position to make a difference. Having a product/service that your customers really care about emotionally is the only way to grow, it doesn’t have to be perfect, it doesn’t have to be complete, but it has to add value and it has to solve real problems. Leave “nice-to-have” behind and make your product outstanding.

  1. Add your own spice! Your are not alone out there, right! And there is always someone else that is bigger than you, having more muscles and gaining more attention. It will always be like that. As said before, you are not the one deciding if your marketing is going to make it, your audience are. Give them something to talk about and they will do it. If they like your product/service and if you are capable of cutting through the clutter.

Finally, succeeding with Marketing is an act of balance and every Marketer have to find their own path. But I am sure about this one, get into action is more important than anything else and it is easier than ever before to interact, listen and learn from your audience. They are out there, you should be there too.

Happy Marketing!

/Stefan Krafft – VP Marketing Leadsiius @stefankrafft