What are Landing Pages – really?

what are landing pages

23 Mar What are Landing Pages – really?


Considering that many of the SMBs getting started with Leadsius are brand new to the world of marketing automation, we see certain questions come at us time and time again.

One of the questions that we get quite often is, “What is a landing page – exactly?” 

What separates a landing page from a web page?


Web Page or Landing Page?



A landing page is any page on the web that exists with the sole purpose of conveying an offer and converting a visitor into a known lead through use of an embedded web form.

The first question you may be asking yourself is…

“Well the home page on my website has a web form that lets people download an ebook or subsribe to my newsletter, does this make it a landing page?”

In short, the answer is no, it does not.

The reason why is because a page on your website often doesn’t exist with the SOLE purpose of converting the visitor for an individually featured offer.

So despite the fact that you can reach both landing pages and web pages from the web, a landing page is unique in that it exists as a clean, focused page that singles out an offer and uses a web form to convert the visitor who lands upon it.


How does one actually “land” at a landing page?


There are numerous ways you can arrive AT a landing page. Most of you reading this have probably arrived at landing pages numerous times without even knowing you were on one!

Lets say someone creates a landing page that channels the look and feel of their website, then links to this landing page from a CTA button within their monthly newsletter. The person who clicks on that CTA is then driven directly to this landing page, which means this particular person arrived via email.

Another way that someone could arrive at a landing page is via social media. Say your business is running an open invitation event whereby anyone can register and attend. One way that someone might arrive at this landing page is by taking action on the the event registration landing page that you shared via posting the URL across LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and the likes.

Two other ways could be someone arriving via simply searching a phrase or term on Google and seeing your landing page featured as one of their search results OR someone making their way to this landing page by clicking on a CTA featured on your website.


Lead Conversion Paths


What we just described above is often described in our industry as a, “Lead Conversion Path.”

A lead conversion path is a term used to describe how visitors travel from your outbound marketing activities (website, social media, email) to your offer whereby they convert through a form and arrive at a thank you page where the offer is fulfilled.

Here’s what that looks like if you take a step back and look from afar:

Lead Conversion Path 101: What they see

And on the backend…

Lead Conversion Path 101: What you build

What are the forms for?



Why are web forms important and what are they used for?


Without a form, there’s no way for you to capture this interest!  Remember, “Free for the price of your contact information!”

Another thing to keep in mind is where your visitors will be in their buying process when visiting this page.

If, for example, you have a free piece of educational content that you’re giving away, it’s best to keep your form brief, grabbing only the essentials such as first name, last name and email.

On the contrary, you may have an offer directed towards people who you know are very close to becoming paying clients. In this case, it won’t seem nearly as intrusive to ask for a little more information such as their role within their company and other more in-depth contact information.

As a rule of thumb, your marketing platform should allow you to simply create a web form and link it directly to the landing page that you’ve also created within your marketing platform. If you’re working with separate tools to accomplish this rather simple task, your life as a marketer is most likely going to consist of wanting to pull your hair out on a daily basis.


Never forget the Thank You!


"Thank you! Click here to redeem your offer!"


The thank you is the final piece of the puzzle and can be accomplished in different ways.

You could offer an alert message that pops up notifying someone that their submission was processed. You could also notify them to keep an eye on their inbox and have a thank you email sent with a link to their desired content.

Another way could be to redirect them to another landing page that offers thanks, delivers on the offer and possibly even offers more!

One way is to build another landing page that’s referred to as a “thank you page” where you deliver on your offer. So lets say you offered a free ebook – this would be where you thank them, offer them to click and download as well as maybe provide the ability to forward this offer to a friend or colleague.


Converting on Thank You pages

Converting on your Thank You landing page


Another great strategic approach to your Thank You pages is to layer another offer by means of an image, brief info and web form; this is going to help usher your leads even further down your marketing funnel towards becoming a happy client!

To keep it simple, this means taking yet another landing page and making the top of it feature the “thank you” for what that person just requested on the landing page prior; as for the bottom area, this is more or less set up in the same way that your first landing page was!

Underneath the header where you “thank” and offer the download or forward to a friend, you would then bring to light yet another offer that you feel this particular person may find particularly interesting.

This is where knowing your buyer personas comes into play. If you layer-in an offer that has nothing to do with their initial interest, you’re most likely not going to see the conversion rates you’d like to.

What you want to do here is offer something that would be of relevance. So for example, if someone just downloaded an SEO guide, maybe your thank you page features information on an upcoming SEO event hosted by your company and allows them to fill in the web form right then and there.


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 Thanks for reading and if you’d like to see first-hand how to build your very own lead conversion paths, landing pages and all, book a free demo now!